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xenu is a startup currently working on a project designed for the needs of education. 

Our Long-term vision focuses on technology products and services that make people's everyday lives easier and boost people's personal lives productivity through automation, A.G.I (Artificial General Intelligence) and social interpersonal computing
The idea
The idea started on the occasion that although automation is part of today's daily routines, the majority of people do not enjoy it. People do not have the time they ought to have to deal with things they would like. Instead, they spend too much time at work and struggle with everyday house chores, something that should not have been happening today.

Our Goal
The company provides a solution via its products and services. The ultimate goal is to assist humanity with automation, turning our vision for a better lifestyle into a privilege for all. A complete automated home that can be self-sustaining is our vision.
Employment Opportunities
Aiming for projects that will radically alter the way computers function nowadays, we are seeking crazy-enough, passionate associates who love technology and computers and they want to be part of a team that will change the outdated world of technology and personal computers. If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our team, we will be glad to receive your resume to the human resources department
Theodoros Charitoglou  
Community Development Project Manager
Theodoros has more than 8 years of distinctive experience on Project Management, Human Resources and Community Management. Utilized his knowledge in well known organizations through the United States, Europe, South East Asia and Oceania. Some of his interests are: 
  • International Project Management and Community Representation 
  • Exploring new collaborations and business aspects 
  • Recruting talented people on a global level 
Theodoros currently holds a Master degree from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on Heritage and Cultural Studies, an Associate's Degree on Human Resources Development from Columbia University and a Specialization Degree on Project Management from UC Irvine. 
Panagiotis Galinos
Founder & CEO 
Panagiotis has more than 10 years of experience developing Local Area Networks and he has a deep knowledge of Computer Systems. After 12 years of work for various employers and as freelancer, in 2016 he founded the startup xenu. Some of his interests are:
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Consumer behaviour and  Neuromarketing
  • Strong AI
Panagiotis holds a degree in Computer and Networks Engineer from the Vocational High School (TEE) Kozanis, a degree in Internet Technologies Engineer from an Institute for Vocational Training and he is ongoing student in department of Applied Informatics in Management and Economy at Univercity of Applied Sciences of Western Greece.
Alexandros Giavaras
Lead Programmer
Alexandros has 10 years of experience developing scientific applications for fluid mechanics problems with an emphasis on multi-phase flows. Some of his interests are:
  • Scientific computing 
  • Physics engines and simulators development 
  • Data analysis and computational statistics 
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
Alexandros holds a  Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Liverpool.
Dimitris Karanassos
Electronic Engineer
Dimitris has 8 years of experience in Computer Engineering and Electronics with specialization in Hardware Engineering. Some of his interests are: 
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Algorithm Optimization 
  • Hardware Programming
Dimitris currently has a Diploma of Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) on Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization on Electronics and Computer Engineering.
Lazaros Dimitriadis
Business Consultant and Financial Advisor
Lazaros has more than 10 years of experience in Financial Management and Human Resources, utilized his knowledge in one of the largest construction companies in Greece. In 2018 he founded his own company, Greece In, that deals with advertising.

Lazaros holds a Dottore in Sociologia from the Universita' La Sapienza.
Project "d.r.p"
A giant leap to paperless writing
Project "Lantern"
A new password manager, for a start...
Project "g.a.r.v"
The first Greek autonomous robot vacuum
If you have a question or a comment we will be glad to contact us by the below form.


Tel : 30  697 8463853

18 Ippokratous, 1st floor
50100 Kozani, Greece

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